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Primatech is an end-product oriented full-service engineering company. We have been providing our clients with innovative thinking and cost-effective solutions since 1995. Our Firm, specialize in water, wastewater, reclaimed water, and storm water projects involving master planning, evaluation and assessment studies, improvement analysis, rehabilitation and replacement programs, preventive maintenance, feasibility studies, pre-design studies, hydraulic modeling, as well as complete design, construction management, performance evaluation and budgetary analysis. We have worked for a variety of public and private clients, and we have consistently reaffirmed the trust of our customers. Trust that we share with our Subconsultants and/or teaming partners to complete important clients’ projects.

Our public infrastructure design team is composed of experienced professionals that have delivered professional engineering services to a rapidly developing community. As a collective, we work in synergy to deliver a complete project design by offering value driven services for construction management, existing system evaluations, and budgetary analysis. We deliver urban stormwater, wastewater, water projects into integrated water resources, minimize cost and maximize the sustainability of the resource.

Primatech personnel have versatile technical backgrounds from years of experience, working in the field and office, utilizing advanced software capabilities. Technical drawings are completed using specific client’s CADD guidelines on workstations operating AutoCAD Civil 3D™ in a networked environment. Management of plan production follows established company standards to efficiently produce quality construction drawings. Primatech is very familiar with technical resources available at respective government and agencies and follows security clearance requirements for accessing restricted information.

Our technical team has a wide range of modern digital tools at their disposal to effectively perform analysis for a full range of water and wastewater simulations using real-time monitoring data in a georeferenced environment (HEC-HMS, HEC RAS, FLO-2D, XP-SWMM, SEWERCAD, KYPIPE, H2ONet, STORMCAD, AFT Impulse (surge analysis), XP-Extran, WaterCAD, Hammer, and EPANET). Additionally, ArcGIS is used to interface with geographic information system data to incorporate information into computer modeling and design systems.






Primatech provides a diverse array of water engineering needs to our customers. We offer drinking water production and conveyance infrastructure planning, design, construction administration, permitting, and start up that tailored to each individual client’s needs. 

Primatech understands how critical it is to be able to trust the safety of our drinking water. We are committed to ensuring the quality of drinking water meets the standards we would be comfortable in providing our own families. There is no room for error in any of the work we take on and drinking water quality can have a large impact on the whole community. We are stringent in our processes, ensuring that exacting Quality Control and Quality Assurance protocols are followed thoroughly. After all, it’s our family too.

We provide drinking water services for both ground and surface water sources as follows.

  •  Water System Planning.
  •  Water Treatment Plant Design.
  • Distribution System Water Quality Analysis.
  • Pressure Zone Separation and Consolidation
  • Water Distribution Deficiencies Identification and Mitigation.
  • Distribution System Hydraulic Modeling, Including Extended Period Simulation Calibrations
  • Water Hammer Analysis and Surge Control
  • Hazardous Material and Pollution Control plans
  • Water Storage and Booster Pump Station.
  • Regulatory Compliance and Approvals.
  • Bid Phase Services.
  • Operations and Maintenance Manuals.
  • Plant Startup and Operations Assistance.
  • Water Treatment Feasibility Evaluations.
  • Water Quality Assessments.
  • Source Water Assessments.
  • Bench Scale and Pilot Studies.
Primatech provides a diverse array of wastewater engineering needs of our customers. We provide wastewater collection and treatment infrastructure planning, design, construction administration, permitting, and start up that tailored to each individual client’s needs.

When conducting a wastewater master plan, we also consider the possibility of integrated water resource planning and management. Based on the method of the effluent disposal and water quality required, we provide advanced treatment process evaluation and design water reuse and reclamation from secondary and tertiary wastewater effluents.

We have extensive experience in effluent disposal, including effluent for groundwater recharge by horizontal well and evapotranspiration facilities.

For the Wastewater services we offer:

  • Condition Assessments/Audit.
  • SSES Investigations.
  • Inflow/Infiltration Analysis.
  • SSO/CSO Evaluation/Elimination.
  • Water Quality and Supply Studies.
  • Sewer Shed Studies.
  • Subsurface Disposal Systems.
  • Financial Proforma.
  • Hydrogeological Studies.
  • Lift Station and Odor Control Design.
  • Subsurface Utility Engineering.
  • Collection and Conveyance Design.
  • Sludge Treatment and Disposal.
  • Industrial Pretreatment.
  • Enhanced Nutrient Removal Upgrades.
  • Regulatory Strategies and Negotiations.
  • NPDES Permitting.




Primatech conducts waterline, sewer line, and reclaimed waterline alignment studies with recommended alternatives. Alternative routes that adhere to all established design guidelines, agency requirements, and stake holders’ expectations and concerns will be developed to allow flexibility in choosing a final alignment. Final design selection can be made necessary modifications stipulated for approval. 

Selection of a final alignment is based on cost of acquiring land for easements, Title Reports and conflicts with existing utilities or easements; Number of new legal descriptions w/ exhibits required for recordation. Disruption of traffic and local access requirements; Right of way restoration of improvements, environmental and archaeological clearance assessments, and Physical obstructions (buildings, retention basins, retaining walls, etc.)

The final design is also based on the following criteria:

  • Geotechnical Test Results.
  • Corrosion Analysis and Cathodic Protection.
  • Shutdown Sequencing of Valves.
  • Service Interruptions.
  • Abandonment Restrictions and Implementation.
  • Sequence for Construction and Any Factors That May Influence Planned Schedule.
  • Determination of Salvageable System Components.
  • New Fire Hydrant Locations for Complete Coverage (Retain Location of Existing Fire Hydrants, As Practical).
  • Number and Location of Existing and New Water Meters (Minimize Meter Locations) And Service Connections.
  • Need for Pressure Reducing Stations Depending on Available Tie-In Requirements to Meet Established Peak Flow Demands, Proximity of Booster Stations.
  • Need for Clean Out of Sewer Force Mains and/or Redundant Lines.
  • Rehabilitation and Replacements Sewer with Improvement of Clogging Sewers to Self-Cleaning System.
  • Siphon Design and Conversion Siphon to Gravity Sewer.
Primatech understands the critical environmental issues and complex regulatory requirements related to stormwater and other discharges. Our knowledge and experience are instrumental in helping water and wastewater utilities and municipal agencies deal with these issues and regulations.

We provide the following stormwater related services

  • Stormwater NPDES and MS4 Permitting and SWPPP Development.
  • Stormwater Program BMP Development.
  • Floodplain Mapping, CLOMA, and LOMA.
  • Sediment Transport Modeling and Scour Analysis.
  • Stormwater Studies and Master Planning.
  • Water Quality Assessments, Field Inspections, and Flow Monitoring.
  • Design of Stormwater Pumping Stations, Retention Basis, Conveyance Facilities, Catch Basins, and Dry Wells.
  • Model and Estimate of Pollutant Load and Characterizing Discharges.













Primatech offers a suite of innovative solutions for water systems that will enable you to monitor and maintain your system more efficiently and at lower cost. We currently offer six systems that provide real-time monitoring with status updates sent directly to your laptop or smart phone.

The proprietary designs are US and international patented and/or patent pending. Primatech can either work for its clients directly or team with a clients’ local engineer through licensing agreements for a specific project.

(all patents pending) | shien.shiau@primatechengineers.com

The proprietary designs are patented and/or patent pending. The trademarks are US registered.

Primatech works for a client directly or team with a clients’ local engineer with exclusive license on the design for a specific project.


Bernoullis Flow Meters


Raw Water Intake Filtration and Biomes Flow Through Device


Wastewater 3 in 1 Filtration and Waste Separation Device


Conduit Line and Grade As-Built Crawler


Tap the Untapped Water Vertical-Horizontal Combination Modulated Well



Conduit Line and Grade Setter